Guide Prices booking and Conditions of contract


Single flight (approx 25min) inclusive copyright entitlement for business use off images and video) =£120 - £140

Full Day (5 Hours pre and post flight checks included) inclusive copyright entitlement for business use images and Video = £750

Repeat work and additional day costs are negotiable

The cost of any extra staff (eg spotters,Camera operators) will be charged as an extra to above prices

Any extras Fees incurred for permission to fly may be chargeable


Travel may be chargedd at 45p a mile

Congestion charge, Dartford tunnel charge not included in fees

Overnight stay and living expenses as agreed with client


We require the location of the shoot/Survey including exact post code proposed date and Background details including

  • Your requirements
  • Description of area
  • Possible hazards to the drone
  • Potential for large groups of bystanders

On receipt of request we will do an initial off-site survey to check for any restrictions on flights in the area imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority (our regulating Body) and reply with a quote for the work.

On excepting the booking a 25% Booking Fee is required to complete the booking

Cancellation if the client cancels the flight within 7 days of the scheduled date the 25% booking fee will not be refunded

Weather and restrictions

The Civil Aviation Authority have very strict conditions regarding weather and Visibility. Drones are not allowed to fly in high winds (above 22 miles per hour) rain, snow or poor visibility which are not negotiable we at Hawk Drone Services will do everything possible to undertake the flight and will monitor the weather forecast for the 5 days before the flight if the weather is not suitable we will give you the option of rescheduling it for another date (if possible) but unfortunately the booking fee is not refundable.

CAA flight restrictions do apply in certain parts on the country permits and fees may be required to allow flights to go ahead Hawk Drone Services will apply on behalf of the client for these permits but additional fees may be passed on to the client.

Data protection Act and Copyright

We will also not undertake flights that could contravene Data protection act and right to privacy, written permission to fly from owner’s land will need to be provided before the day, Hawk Drone services decision not to fly if these conditions are not meet will be final.

Hawk Drone services will retain all copyright for video and photographs taken before on or after the flight

Negotiations for an agreed buyout of media is posable on a flight by flight bases

Copyright releases will be provided to allow client to use media in relation to their business needs but the sale to 3rd party’s will not be allowed without permission.

We reserve the right to use media for promotional needs and sell it a later date on the provision it does not breach anybody’s Personality rights or Privacy rights.