Building Inspection/Surveys

At Hawk Drone services we offer Video & Photographic Survey service using the drones state of the art 4K video & 12megapixel Still Camera we are able to provide first person Views of all the Hard to reach areas of buildings normally only available with scaffolding Powered Access Equipment or by using specialist high line access company’s.

Using the DJI Maverick Pro/ DJI Inspire 1 (pictured below) on board GPS?GLONASS tracking and positioning System together with its collision avoidance sensors the drone is able to perfect video platform able to fly & hover for between 18- 27 minutes allowing the drones on board Video to stream to a ground based monitoring station were your team can get a First person view all of areas of a building request additional views or close ups without risk together with the ability to view the recorded video at a later date in full colour 4K HD or send video or stills to other party’s (insurance companies, Engineers, owners or Builders/sub-contractors).

Our staff will arrive at the time agreed with all the necessary equipment set up the drone and a workspace that allows you or your staff to conduct the survey including the ability to see everything the drone sees in virtually real time without the need to leave the ground, at the same time the drone has the capability to record video or take photos of the all areas return to pre-surveyed areas to conduct more detailed inspection of any area without problems allowing you to leave the site with all the information and photo/video evidence to complete your report.

Real Estate Photography

At Hawk drone services we offer a unique and totally affordable solution to getting the perfect photograph or Video as part of a coordinated advertising campaign cheaper that helicopters or airplanes more versatile than ground based or pole mounted cameras

Using the DJI Mavic Pro / DJI Inspire 1 on board GPS/GLONASS tracking and positioning systems together with its collision avoidance sensors the drone makes an ideal video or Photography platform with the ability to fly nearly any ware from 6ft to 400ft above ground level displaying in full 4K HD video or 12megapixel Photographs homes businesses or property’s unique selling Points, current up-to date layout and outstanding features.

Also available to perspective buyers is a visual survey of the house providing photo/video record of all areas not easily seen from the ground (pitched/flat roofs, chimney stacks roof valleys windows guttering, etc) to allow buyers to confirm that these areas are sound and free from obvious defects.

Event Safety/Security

Event management is a skilled job not to be taken lightly with so much to consider details of crowd positions, movement throughout the site Security infringements.

Allowing Drones to support conventional safety and security measures is the ideal solution but don’t take our word for it read it for yourself here is a report from a world leading expert in event safety and security talking about the benefits of drones at events Click Hear

With a unique Birds-eye 360 deg views before during and after the event, plus the ability to stream near live images to a dedicated control room or ground based monitor. Views of crowd hotspots, entrance queues, perimeter fencing and spontaneous incident overviews allows event managers to take charge of any incident with up-to date first-hand information permitting the rapid deployment of staff or Law Enforcement personnel revision of crowd strategies and communication of Accurate information to Event stake holders.

With speeds of up-to 65KM/h even a small drone can be on station in a matter of minutes broadcasting near HD quality images which are recorded onto the drone’s on-board memory for future review of evidence in the event of civil or criminal proceedings.

The operators are fully CAA certified to operate Drones in a commercial environment with a long history working in Counter terrorist CCTV environment fully conversant with evidential CCTV recovery and Data protection storage of CCTV video images and is an experienced Behavioural Detection observer (the science of detecting of suspicious person or persons via body language).

Drones also allow the safe inspection of high-level lighting and sound rigs quickly and efficiently from the ground allowing daily inspections to be completed without risk to your staff, using ground-based monitors your staff are able to view close up images of rigs and associated equipment in real time from the drones on board camera.


As part of our range of security-based services we also can conduct:

Independent drone intrusion and drone detection testing of permanent and semi-permanent sites infrastructure and premises, using small recreational sized drones or bigger commercial drones for realistic penetration testing..

In the past 2 years the fear of terrorist use of drones to conduct attacks using explosives to damage of buildings and infrastructure or chemical or biological agents to contaminate the environment, this has meant that site security has now harder with the need to now monitor the airspace around a site to detect drone over flights and many companies are now pushing lots of different drone detection systems but as there is no standard to work from and using a company’s drone and pilot to test out their system can lead to doubts as to the suitability of there systems, independent testing could be the answer if the operator is independent of the client and the company the only thing they have to worry about is proving or disproving the suitability of the system for the location.

Photo Mapping of company sites and open land

Photo mapping consists of a series of high resolution photos taken at fixed intervals by a drone flying a pre-planned pattern over an area to be mapped on landing the photos are then compiled by computer to stitch them together to create a very large high resolution aerial pictures witch can be used to plan approaches hard security installations CCTV installations etc either on screen or printed out on large sheets of photo paper ( the same system is being successfully used by people like UK Air investigation branch of department of transport, building company’s, etc)

Aerial perimeter surveys of permanent or temporary sites providing visual indications of weaknesses in physical security measures, in high quality 20-megapixel photos.

Aerial surveillance of one-off security exercises with historical review allows overwatch of exercise by managers and observers. From central location, using HD quality Video with a frame rate of 25 frames a second give real time video playback.


Having a video record of an event is always popular with spectators and participants alike whether it is a sports event a festival or personal event but sometimes it’s not always possible to film it due to insufficient access interfering with participants or negotiating spectators being some of the problems faced by an event film crew.

Here at Hawk drone services we have a solution with the ability to fly over the event at altitudes from 20ft to 400ft with our small very quiet DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone equipped with a advanced 4K HD gamble stabilized camera we have the ability to fly over all obstructions to get that much needed angle for that memorable shot.

If size is a problem the Larger DJI Inspire 1 has identical video/photo capability’s but can handle certain environmental conditions that would ground the smaller Mavic Pro

Our Drones are equipped with a GPS/GLONASS auto pilot and with pre-surveyed ingress and egress routes we can achieve startling results without endangering participants or spectators alike (at no time would we condone or allow the overflight of large crowds of people but with our manoeuvrability and speed it is normally possible to navigate via safe route to suitable filming Locations) add flight endurance times of up-to 27min per battery the use of multiple batteries can add up to very realistic total flight endurance.

Promotion Videos

Whether it is an in-house business promotional video or professionally created video shoot our drones can add other dimension to your video with the ability to create that aerial shot you see in the movies at a fraction of the cost.

The DJI Mavic Pro and Inspire 1 used by Hawk DS are the perfect tool for the job they are small enough to get in those hard to reach areas but has a outstanding 4K HD Video capability with features like Terrain following mode, Active track, Precision Hover mode, 360Deg panoramic view and first person view. the Drones 3 axis mechanical camera stabilization smothers out any bumps and the tripod mode gives the slow precise tracking needed for professional looking shots together with a top speed of 65km/h the drone has the ability to keep up with most subjects (high speed manoeuvring will reduce the drones flight endurance and it may be necessary to spread the shot over multiple flights).

Hear at Hawk drone services we are happy to work with in house productions and professionals to create outstanding aerial shots but unfortunately we must comply with CAA regulations regarding drone flights and the operators decision will be final.